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KREVA / クレバ

Birthday: June 18, 1976
Hometown: Kanagawa prefecture
Formed 'KICK THE CAN CREW' after forming an unit called 'BYPHAR THE DOPEST' with CUEZERO. Not only as a MC, he is also popular as a track maker and remixes. Spirited man who took charge of the remix of Missy Elliot, unit produced with DJ TATSUTA, as in name of Kao Pass Brothers. His rapping skill has the background of champion for three consecutive years for the 'B-BOYPARK' MC battle, the HIP-HOP pantheon. While achieving popularity by participating in Kouhaku Uta Gassen as KICK THE CAN CREW, making the best album 'BEST ALBUM 2001-2003' released on 2003, marking 1st place on the Oricon chart, he kept holding regular events at he has been doing since the formation of KICK. His ability and sense is powerful. Besides his music, in the spring of 2003, he made a new fashion brand named 'Fashion' with KIO (Typo Graphics) and YOUGO (CRIB). He develops numbers of items during the season.

In June of 2004, he stopped working as KICH THE CAN CREW in order to concentrate in working solo.

KREVA released his first solo work, 'Kibou no Honou' (limited production of 10908 discs) on June 18, which was also his birthday, turning out to be 1st on the Oricon Indies Chart. On September 8, officially introduced as 'KREVA', releases his 1st solo single, 'Neiro' from Ponny Canyon's new label, the Knife Edge. 'Neiro', released a year after the recording, turned out to mark 9th place on the Oricon Weekly Single Chart. Plus, he released his single 'Hitorijanaiyo' on October 20 and 1st solo album, 'Shinnjinn KREVA', an album with his main force produced in spring. In this album, his old acquaintance CUEZERO, Mummy-D (Rhymster), SONOMI (a singer from Aomori prefecture), KANA (a singer of band 'THC!!'), NG HEAD (reggae DJ from Osaka prefecture who collaborated with KREVA 2 years ago), and BONNIE PINK participated as a guest player. Plus, remix of 'BABYDANCER' is recorded as a bonus track. With rhythms of simplicity with deep tracks, this disc turned out to be full of music that forces listeners to hum the melodies and touches the heart with his lyrical realism. With the lyrics close to spoken words on a rhythmic beat, KREVA's style continuously evolves music from generation to generation.

In 2005, the 2nd season of solo work, he released 'Issaigassai', 'Start', and 'Kokuminteki Gyouji'. Then on February 1, 2006, he released his 2nd solo album 'Ai Jibunhaku'. It's about a year and two months after the release of his 1st album 'Shinnjinn KREVA', introducing himself with tunes from upper to mellow beats. The 2nd Season album is turning out to become yet another piece full of superior music all skilled up and brushed up with satisfaction. Over-going the bases of Hip-Hop with sound and rhythm of purity with all negative factors erased, came the existence of music consisting the power to move people's heart. The album, 'Ai Jibunhaku' successfully took 1st place on the Oricon Weekly Chart, which was a first in the Hip-Hop solo artist industry. The final live of the Country Tour (7 places, 8 performances), held at Nihon Butoukan, sold out immediately. He is highly evaluated in the fields of Hip-Hop as well as the Japanese Music scene

In 2005, he made his own label, 'CLabel', and worked aggressively on other projects such as, producing SONOMI's album and making compellation album. On January 25, 2006, he released the limited 'CLabel Compellation Sono Ni 100% RAP' from Shinseido. Right after that, he completed his third compellation album, 'Sono San', which featured SONOMI, released at the Nihon Butoukan Live.

Also, he still has lots of remix work, guest participation work, and producing work to do. Recently, he has done collaboration with Remy Maher, rapper of FAT JOE. His continuous work is spreading throughout a wide field and seems to be unstoppable!

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