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Part: vocal
Birthday: 12/04
Blood type: O

Part: Drums
Birthday: 12/10
Blood type: B

Part: Bass
Birthday: 02/15
Blood type: O

Part: Guitar
Birthday: 06/29
Blood type: B

Part: guitar
Birthday: 03/24
Blood type: A

Part: keyboard & Chorus
Birthday: 10/24
Blood type: B

Part: violin & dance
Birthday: 04/02
Blood type: B
Jealkb is an unique visual band foamed by Haderu (vocal) and Elsa(Drums) in 2005. They released 4 singles such as "Koi Kizu","Julia" and "Kuroi Sabaku" while they were playing as a indie band. They built up the successive career through the concerts and finally the single "metronome" became top the Oricon Indie's Chart. After their major debut, the band has been energetically producing tie up singles such as "Chikai", "Fly","Hana" and "Nageki no Endless". They also made a major debut in Taiwan in 2007 and were very welcomed by the local fans. They also took a part of the largest outdoor music festival in Taiwan, "FORMOZ FESTIVAL 2007". After a year of the major debut, the much expected first album, "NOROSHI" was released on November 26th of 2008! Following the album launch, the national tour, "Jealkb LIVE TOUR 2009 - Noroshi Bara no Yoru" also started in January 2009! The evaluation for them as a band and a group of entertainers is very high, profiled by both audiences and music officials. Each member entirely gives themselves over to the music which is very exciting and impressing. The unique MCs and the fun choreographies also attract many fans. Please experience the music of Jealkb and enjoy!

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