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BoA / BoA (Vocals) Born_1986-11-05
Debuted in Japan on May 30th 2001 with the single "ID; Peace B". With constant releases to follow, the fourth single "LISTEN TO MY HEART" released January 17th 2002 ranked fifth on the Oricon weekly charts. While receiving attention on all types of media, she released her first Japanese album "LISTEN TO MY HEART" and her fifth single "Every Heart - minna no kimochi-" at the same time. The album "LISTEN TO MY HEART" ranked in at number one on the Oricon album charts and became a huge hit selling over a million copies.
With the hit of her first album, she had a firm place in Japan as a musical artist, and all single releases that followed constantly found themselves ranked high on the charts. Her second album "VALENTI" was a huge hit and sold 1.4 million copies, her third album "LOVE & HONESTY" also selling over a million copies, all of her original albums hit number one on the Oricon charts.
Furthermore, BoA's talents attracted other Japanese and international artists such as: MONDO GROSSO, WESTLIFE, PALM DRIVE, m-flo, FIRSTKLAS, Soul'd Out, as well as HOWIE. B of the BACK STREET BOYS, all of which were featured in her works in various ways making her a popular conversational item.
"Merry Chri," which was released in the winter of 2004, became a representative song for that year's winter season, staying within the top 10 on the Oricon charts for 5 continuous weeks. With her ballads becoming long lasting hits, her range as an artist increased, and at the age of 18, received both the MTV ASIA AWARD'S "Most influential Asian artist" and "Favorite Artist Korea" awards.
In February of 2005, BoA's first best album "BEST OF SOUL" was released. This album again sold over a million copies, and her 15th single "DO THE MOTION" released one month after her best album release in March brought in the start of her second wave as an artist, and suitable to her new start, the single hit number one on the Oricon single charts.
During the four and a half years since her debut in Japan, BoA's popularity has raced through not only Japan and Korea but the entire of Asia, and her development and evolution as an artist seems to know no end.

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