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Janne Da Arc
yasu / yasu (Vocals) Born_01-27
you / you (Guitar) Born_07-24
ka-yu / ka-yu (Bass) Born_01-21
kiyo / kiyo (Keyboards) Born_06-27
shuji / shuji (Drums) Born_11-21
More info:
yasu / Vocal
Blood type / A
Favorite genre / J-POP and POPS
Influential musicians / DEAD END, BOØWY

you / Guitar
Blood type / O
Favorite genre / Progressive rock
Influential musicians / Unicorn, Allan Holdsworth, Nuno Bettencourt

ka-yu / ka-yu (Bass) Born_01-21
Blood type / A or B
Favorite genre / foreign music, all J-Pop
Influential musicians / BOØWY、CRAZY COOL JOE

kiyo / Keyboard
Blood type / A
Favorite genre / Jazz, Game music
Influential musicians / Keith Emerson

shuji / Drum
Blood type / O
Favorite genre / Hard Rock, Heavy metal
Influential musicians / X-JAPAN, LOUDNESS

They started their action with current members in 1996.
They energetically increased their live experience in the indie scene and have since debuted on a major label with their single "RED ZONE" from AVEX in May 1999.
They achieved their own 100th memorial live at Nippon Budokan on the 7th of September 2002.
Yasu released his novel "ANOTHER STORY" and his 4th album "ANOTHER STORY" consecutively in 2003.

So far "Janne Da Arc" has released 26 single CDs and 6 album CDs.
They had a very successful return live at Osaka jo hall on the 27th of March 2005 and celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2006.
In May of the same year, they held a live at the Saitama super arena.
"Janne Da Arc" decided to aim for a much bigger stage as their turning point in 2007.
So its members started their solo projects individualy.

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