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Suzuki, Ami
Suzuki, Ami

Date of birth: 1982.02.09
Blood type: A
Hometown: Kanagawa
12.04~ she'd performed 5 solo lives at 4 places at her hometown Zama, Kanagawa.
12.30 announced her transfer to Avex during her live performance at Tokyo-Kosenenkin Kaikan
01.01 starts Tyaku-uta, ring-tone distribution of 1st single "Hopeful" after transfer
03.24 released 1st single "DelightfuL", 2nd single "Eventful", 3rd single "Negaigoto" from Avex and produced a string of hits
10.12 1st album from Avex and 1st album in 5 years, "AROUND THE WORLD" released.
From 10.21, starts live house tour

In 2006.07.26, released "Like a Love?" by Ai Otsuka, her first song produced by a female artist. In summer, appeared in all 'A-nation'06' for a year.

In 2007, released 3 succession works, "Join" with many artists from variety of music genres.
In 03.21 released a joint album, "CONNETTA" with variety of artists and creator.
08.22 4th joint single, "FREE FREE/SUPER MUSIC MAKER" with Nakata Yasutaka (capsule) released.

Also, as an actress, appeared on her first film, "Niji no Megami ~Rainbow Song~" last year.
In 2007, appeared in the live-action version of "Skull man", the first trial for Fuji TV in 28years (on air 04.21). In fall, she appeared in Japan-Korea net drama "Magnolia no Hana no Shita" which was all located in NY.
Appeared in film "XX~Makyodensetsu~" which released in 12.01.

More info:

Who did you want to be when you were a child?
Songoku in Dragon Ball, Tyson Maeda in Rokudenashi Blues

Which do you prefer, indoor or outdoor?

Which is more scary, ghost or spirit?

Do you want to love or to be loved?
To be loved.

What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?

Which ride do you not enjoy at an amusement park?
Almost all...

What is your favorite subject?
Math, P.E.

What is least favorite subject?
Social studies

What do you want now?
I want a driver's license!

What did you dream recently?
Forgot, because I dream a lot!

Where do you want to go if you had Dokodemo-door?
I'll go everywhere!

What do you want to do if you become an invisible person?
I can't tell you. (laughing)

Which film character do you want to act the most?

Which do you prefer, urban area or country side surrounded by nature?
A town surrounded by nature is the best!

What is your favorite color?
Now, orange, pink and green.

Which corner of the super market do you go first?
Snack or deli

Please tell us your childhood memory.
I went to the beach every summer.

What sport are you good at?
Just running....

What do you want to do if you had a long vacation?
I want to go to overseas and seek 'beauty'. And learn English conversation.

Recommended book
Billy Holiday, "Lady Sings the Blues"

Someone you don't know is following you! What will you do?
I'll get angry! And then fight against him.

You are stranded at a deserted island. What would you do?
Calm down and float around watching the island. Then swim!

Do you have any dreams that you can't forget?
I was chased by a big man like a bear near my house, but I can't run!

What is your unforgettable happy incident?
Surprise birthday party.

What is life?
Something you 'picture' yourself.

What was the most difficult thing during your school years?
Athletic summer camps. I had such bad muscle pains that I had to walk on four limbs.

Do you believe fortune-telling?

What kind of special power would you want?
Power to heal people's pain.

What is the most painful memory?
When I was riding a skateboard sitting down, the sudden front break made me hit my forehead and ended up with a bump on my forehead.

What is your favorite word?
This is a word to cheer me up when I was in a club. It motivates me.

If you were a man, what kind of man do you think you would be?
Have passion toward my job and love. Make the woman I love happy and never let her cry.

You are in a marathon competition. Just as you and your friend are fighting for 1st place, your friend trips and fell! What would you do Ami?
Of course I won't stop. If I stop, I will be punished by my teacher. It is important for both of us to do our best.

There's a big box and a small box. If you can bring back one box, which will you bring back?
A small one, because it is troublesome to bring back a big one. Or, lighter one.

What is something you will not lose to anyone?
Stretching. And King of spice. (I just make myself KING)

What do you do everyday?
Stretching & drink 2 liters of mineral water

What do you often think about?
My job. Such as performing, music videos, and costumes.

What do you think is most important?
To laugh! And to be honest!

Are you a realist or an idealist?
It depends, but when I work I'm a realist. But usually I'm an idealist.

What kind of word do you love?
Every word from fans!!

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