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Part: Vocal
Birthday: 11/20
Blood Type: B

-- Shin
Part: Guitar
Birthday: 11/29
Blood Type: B

-- Yosuke
Part: Bass
Birthday: 01/05
Blood Type: O

Part: Drums
Birthday: 02/17
Blood Type: A
ALSDEAD are a rock band that consists of MAKI (Vo.), Shin (Gu.), Yosuke (Ba.) and NIKKY (Dr.), and has formed in 2009. The original bassist Reito left the band 2011 and the original drummer Setsua in the beginning of 2014. Their sound can be described as heavy and tight, whereas the melodious parts are especially leaving a deep impression within the rock tunes. In 2009 they released their first single for their activity start and with their 2nd single also caught overseas and nation wide attention.

After their 3rd single release in the same year, they also performed a solo concert in December.
In 2010 ALSDEAD released their greatly anticipated first full album "ALSDEAD" in June and participated in a limited project of Visual-kei magazine FOOL'S MATE with a live DVD release. In October they held their 2nd one man performance, before releasing their 5th single in April 2011. In May of the same year, they reached the top position in the public vote for "FOOL'S MATE presents DIG UP".

Pursuing the irregular human mind within their music's perspective, the heavy yet melodious tracks are combined with unique rhythms within ALSDEAD's songs. It is to be expected as to what kind of world they will be showing their listeners from here on.

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