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J Bass
Birthday: August 12, 1970
Debuted from a major record company as the bass player for LUNA SEA.


03_02 Joined the unit "GaZa" which appeared on Nakano, Sigeru's radio program "Kunekune club". One night only live in "'97RPM" at Shinjuku's LIQUIDROOM. Member; Nakano,Shigeru(ANARCHY), Fujinuma,Shinichi(ANARCHY), DJ KRUSH, Sawada,Jun

06_25 1st single "BURN OUT" released.

07_07 secret tour "TOP SECRET GIG "ignite"" starts. 3 shows in 3 locations in Toumeihann.

07_24 1st album "PYROMANIA" released.

08_10 first tour "J PYROMANIA TOUR'97" starts. 13 shows in 11 locations.

10_22 2nd single "BUT YOU SAID I'M USELESS" and tour video "PYROMANIA TOUR '97~CRIME SCENE~" released.

Restarted activity as a part of LUNA SEA.


01_01 FM radio regular program start. Host of NACK-5 "MIDNIGHT ROCK CITY" on Thursdays.

02_20 book "WAKE UP! MOTHER FUCKER konnya, sekai wo yakitsukuse!!" released. Jin, Yasuyuki collected J's words for this book.

Joined in zilch's remix album "Bastard EYES" (released in 03_03). Remixed "ELECTRIC kyoudai zingi CUCUMBER"


12_27 LUNA SEA breakup. Started solo activity for real.


01_27 his live event project "FIRE WIRE 2001 vol.1" at Akasaka BLITZ.
On stage: J, zilch, Youjeen

05_12,13 live event "FIRE WIRE 2001 vol.2" at Akasaka BLITZ.
On stage: J zilch, Duff McKagan(ex. GUNS'N'ROSES), slim of skin(opening act), Sugar Coated Bombs(opening act)

Produced Youjeen's album "The Doll" totally including songs and sound.

07_25 3rd single "Perfect World" released for the first time in 4 years.

07_28 event tour "BLOOD BROS.INC. presents FIRE WIRE TOUR 2001-BURN SEVEN CITIES BURN- J/Zilch/Youjeen and more... vs You"
Starting from Tokyo BAY NK hall(BLOOD DEPENDENCE DAY). 10 shows in 7 locations.
On stage: J, zilch Youjeen, LOADED, Ian Astbury(THE CULT), Steve Jones(ex. SEX PISTOLS) and more... opening act for each hall

08_16 additional concert "FIRE WIRE TOUR 2001-THE XXX SHOW-" at Zepp Tokyo.
On stage: J, THE CULT, zilch, Youjeen, Steve Jones(ex. SEX PISTOLS)

12_27 2nd album "BLOOD MUZIK" tour documentary photo album "BLOOD BROS.INC. presents FIRE WIRE TOUR 2001-BURN SEVEN CITIES BURN-"(Sony magazine) released.

Joined in the recording for Hotei, Tomoyasu's "I HATE YOU" on the album "SCORPIO RISING"(released in 03_06)

03_20 4th single "go crazy" released. In this single, the remix version by Hotei, Tomoyasu, Hayashi(POLYSICS), GOMI(Rhythmedia) is included.

03_29 tour "Tour the BLOOD MUXIK 02 "go CRAZY go"-PYROMANIA IS BACK!!-" starts. 10 shows in 7 locations.

06_26 DVD&VIDEO"FILM THE BLOOD MUZIC 80min. RIOT" released.

07_08~12 SHIBUYA-AX 5DAYS sequence lives "5 CRAZY 5".
Opening act: POLYSICS, Youjeen, FULLGAIN, DICE

08_21 mini album "CRACK TRACKS" released.

08_23 additional concerts for the 2days tour "Tour the BLOOD MUZIK 02 Summer "Ride the Big Blazin' Wave" starts. 6 shows at Tomeihan.

10_12 appeared at AION 20 years anniversary LIVE "Kinennlive dainiya" as a cover band of AION with Atsushi(ex. SIAMSHADE)

10_30 5th single "Feel Your Blaze" released.

11_27 3rd album "Unstoppable Drive" released

12_06 2nd book "WAKE UP! MOTHER FUCKER Ⅱ rekkanogotoku, yakitsukuse!!" (Sony magazine) by Jin, Yasuyuki released.

12_31 secret countdown live "Hello!!'03 Goodbye'02 and... 02 too..." at Harajuku ASTRO HALL.

01_04 first Budokan live as solo "A Happy Mother Fuckin' New Year Let the WORLD begin -Unstoppable Drive-"

03_26 DVD&VIDEO of Budokan live "The Judgment Day" released.

03_31 tour "J tour 2003 -Unstoppable Drive- the world new order" starts. Including live only for fan club members "F.C.Pyro. NIGHT Vol.1" featuring 11 shows in 9 locations.

07_09 mini album "CRACK TRACKSⅡ GO with the Devil" includes 2 new songs, remix and live recordings released. The director of the PV, Sonoda, Kenji, the director for the film "Kyouki no sakura".

07_31 tour "J tour 2003 summer GO with the Devil" starts. 10 shows in 9 locations including an additional show.

08_12 special live for selected buyers "GO with the Devil" at Zepp Tokyo.

12_24,25 Zepp Tokyo 2DAYS "J '03 X'mas show CASE the holy night FLASH BACK"

Joined the album of SEOTAIJI, who is a south korea's artist, "7th issue" (released in 01_27) as a bass player

04_10 tour "J tour 2004 RED ROOM TOUR Ⅰ" starts. 3 shows in 3 locations in Tomeihan. This year's fan club event was "F.C.Pyro. NIGHT VOL.2 MEET and GREET in RED ROOM", which was a talk live. 2 shows in 2 locations.

04_14 6th single "NOWHERE" released. This PV was directed by Sonoda, Kenji.

05_19 4th album "RED ROOM" released for the first time in 2 years.

07_10 tour "J tour 2004 RED ROOM TOURⅡ" starts. 12 shows in 10 locations

09_19~23 5days sequence live "J SHIBUYA-AX 5DAYS RED OR DEAD" at SHIBUYA-AX.
Opening act: LUNKHEAD, FUZZY COTROL, DICE Cherry Filter(from korea)

11_22 event "WEAR RED SHOES vol.2" hosted by Bar in Nishiazabu "RED SHOES" at Aoyama THE ORBIRNTI. Appeared as a special band "Nishiazabu outsiders" Vo/Nakamura,Shido, Gu/TAKUYA(ex. JUDY AND MARY), Ba/J, Dr/FURUTON

12_22 first best album "Blast List -the best of-", PV collection "Blast List -the clips-" and CD and DVD 2 in 1 package for the first limited edition "Complete Blast List" released.
Book "THE DICE IS CAST!"(Sony magazine) released. serialization in uv magazine was collected in this book.

12_22,23 Zepp Tokyo 2Days live "J Dec. 22-23 2004 @Zepp Tokyo -the blast night-"

02_18 book "Gadou -gadou-" (media factory), which collected up serialization of interview in Zappie magazine, released.

04_02 tour "J tour 2005 Hello. My new eternal flame ~un-divided three shot~" starts. 5 shows in Tomeihan including the fan club event "F.C.Pyro. NIGHT Vol.3"

07_06 7th single "GET READY" released

07_17 welcoming masasucks(ex.FULLSCRATCH) as a new member in the band, tour "J 2005 summer tour DIVE to the SUN" starts. 18 shows in 17 locations including an additional live.

11_09 after transferring to a new label "blowgrow", first single "break" released.

12_03 appeared in event "dead start" hosted by designer Sakaguti, Ken at CLUB CITTA' Kawasaki as a bass player for "Fujinuma Shinichi unit"

12_07 5th album "GLARING SUN" released

Joined to BUCK-TICK tribute album "PARADE ~RESPECTIVE TRACKS OF BUCK-TICK~" (released in 12_21) for "ICONCOLASM"

12_24,25 "J 2005 X'mas SPECIAL LIVE -Jesus, Turn the Volume up-" at Yokohama BLITZ

12_31 F.C.Pyro. Memver's Only '05-'06 COUNTDOWN LIVE!!!" at Harajuku ASTRO HALL

03_23 DVD "CRAZY CRAZY ~LIVE&DOBUMENT~" with live documentary and new interview released.

03_25 tour "J LIVE TOUR 2006 -GLARING SUN- ~Burn all the shadows~" starts. 8 shows in 6 locations including the fan club event "F.C.Pyro. NIGHT Vol.4"

05_20 "-GALRING SUN- SPECIAL FINAL ~Burn Forever. Rise Forever~" at Hibiya yagaionngakudou

Joined omnibus album "DEATH NOTE TRIBUTE"(released in 06_21), image album for popular comic "DEATH NOTE" as a bass player for "AGGRASSIVE DOGS/DEATH NOTE ALLSTARS"

07_12 Double A Side SINGLE "Fly Away/SQUALL" released. For the first limited edition, the DVD of the PV was included.

07_16 tour "J TOUR 2006 SUMMER ~DRIVE ON FLAMES~starts. 12 shows in 12 locations.
Opening act: 9mm Parabellum Bullet, Rottengraffiti, N.E.S.

07_31 au presents bayfm "MUSIC DAYz Vol.2" at Chiba SYARNITE


11_22 appeared in Bar "RED SHOES" 25TH anniversary event "WEAR RED SHOES vol.3" at Shibuya O-EAST as a special band "Takagityou missiles" Vo/Nakano,Shigeru(ANARCHY), Gu/Imai,Hisashi(BUCK-TICK), Ba/J, Dr/Motokatsu Miyagami (THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS)

12_06 DVD "CRAZY CRAZY Ⅱ ~ROAD on FLAMES~" with Hibiya yaonn live movie and much off-shot from the summer tour released.

12_31 F.C.Pyro. Memvers' Only COUNTDOWN LIVE!!! At Harajuku ASTRO HALL

01_01 F.C.Pyro. Members' Only NEW YEAR'S LIVE!!! At harajuku ASTRO HALL

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