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Minyou Girls
Matsuri (3rd grade / Hokkaido / Vocals)
Miyabi (4th grade / Gunma / Vocals)
Rio (4th grade / Osaka / Vocals)
Yuua (4th grade / Saitama / Vocals)
Ayuri (5th grade / Saitama / Vocals)
Yutori (5th grade / Kanagawa / Vocals)
Fuuka (5th grade / Chiba / Vocals)
Kako (6th grade / Nara / Vocals)
Misato (7th grade / Iwate / Vocals)
Miki (8th grade / Tokyo / Shamisen)
Traditional Japanese folk songs have been sung since a long time ago and are carved deep inside people's hearts.

We want to transmit these traditional Japanese folk songs to the people of the world as part of Japan's culture.

With Tokyo Olympics 2020 almost here, we created a young unit who sings traditional Japanese folk songs, and are doing our best with music improving every day.

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