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小室哲哉/Komuro Tetsuya (Vo./PLAYER)
Globe is a unit formed by 'KEIKO', the vocalist selected from female auditions, 'MARC PANTHER', who is half Japanese and half French rapper (father is French, and mother is Japanese), and 'Tetsuya Komuro', the music producer who held the TMN project.
On August 9th 1995, they debuted with their single 'Feel Like dance' (AVEX globe). In March 1997, they performed in 4 big Japanese dorms, which was a first in Japan. On March 31st 1998, they released their 3rd album 'Love again'. The sales of all three albums totaled over 10 million dollars. They were the fastest albums in Japan to sell so many copies after their debut. In autumn of the same year, they released four series of singles, and on December 9th, they released their 4th album 'Relation'. By the end of the year, Globe received the Nihon Record Taisho from their song 'Wanna Be A Dreammaker'.

On September 22nd 1999, they released their BEST+NEW album 'CRUISE RECORD 1995-2000'. In March of 2003, each of them released singles at the same time, featuring themselves. KEIKO held two solo tours that year.

After entering the 21st century, they improved their music based on new idea, 'trance'. Soon after, they released their 7th album 'Lights' and their 8th album 'Lights2'. National tours 'category trance' and 'category all genre' were held, starting in Spring of 2002. They performed high quality shows with 3 types of stage direction, including additional tours. Their single, in which they collaborated with Belgium DJ PUSH, 'dreams from above' was released in July. It came to be a very popular song.

September 1st 2002, YOSHIKI, the leader of the legendary band 'X JAPAN', known as a drummer, pianist, and worldwide Producer of Japanese rock, became a formal member of Globe. This unexpected sensational news was announced on the stage of AVEX's big live event 'a-nation'. The news was announced everywhere in the world, beginning in Asia.

On November 22nd, that same year, Tetsuya Komuro and KEIKO were married. On the 27th of November, their first new single of the brand-new globe 'seize the light' and the Best album '8YEARS -Many Classic Moments-' were released.

The new globe's first album 'LEVEL 4' was released in April of 2003. At the end of the year, each of the members became more active. In December, KEIKO released her solo project 'KCO', and by March of 2004, MARC started his own worldwide project '245'. In November, they held a national tour 'globe decade -access best seasons 1995-2004-'. This BEST LIVE tour, known as the corpus of their 10 years, was very successful.

Globe released their new single 'Here I Am/New Album Playlist' on June 29th 2005; 2 years after their last single was released. On August 10th, the 11 year anniversary of globe, they released a POP/ROCK long awaited original full album. In order to follow the diversification of modern times, they take amoebic formation. The original Globe was founded by MARC, KEIKO and TK. Globe extreme added YOSHIKI to the original mix. And globe featuring would add guest vocalists/rappers to the original mix. Globe will be making their new history by this complex team into a new decade, on a new stage.

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