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Tsuchiya, Anna
Hometown: Tokyo
Birthday: 03.11
Blood type: A
Hobby: yoga, surfing, painting, design of clothes
Debut in 1998 as a model. She performed an outstanding presence in many magazines, mainly in teen magazine, and gained charismatic popularity among girls of her generation. She has been working as a top model in advertisement and fashion shows and also appeared in many TV-CM because of her popularity and outclassing talent.

As an actress, she appeared in "Shimotsuma Monogatari" and "Tya no Aji" in 2004. She was awarded with 8 awards in 2004 for her act in "Shimotsuma Monogatari" including Japan Academy Awards and was highly-evaluated from the people in the movie industry.
After that, she played unique roles in "Kiraware Matsuko no Issyo"(2006), "Dororo"(2007) and in the latest starring film, "Sakuran"(2007). This became a great hit from female supporters/fans. Her starring films are also highly evaluated overseas and expecting an international success.
In summer of 2005, she eagerly starts her music activity with a mini album, "Taste My Beat". Many outstanding musicians and engineers who felt her voice joined her from abroad. She soon became the focused artist in the music industry because of her talent as a musician/singer-song writer, which are becoming smashing-hit singles!
In 2006.01, released major debut single, "Change your life", in 03. 2nd single "SLAP THAT NAUGHTY BODY/MY FATE" and Remix Album "Taste My xxxremixxxxxx!!!!!!!! Beat Life!", remixed by talented members, Shinichi Osawa and RYOJI from 'Ketsumeishi', which was released at the same time.

In April, selected as the singing cast of the leading role, Nana Osaki, in TV animation series of "NANA", the Best Girl's Comic in Japan (the related goods such as film and games became a big hit.) (original comic artist Ai Yazawa also wanted her for the cast) released CD as ANNA TSUCHI inspi' NANA(BLACK STONE). Opening theme of 1st series "Rose" ranks in at 6 on the Oricon weekly chart. Within a year, she released "Kuroi Namida", "LUCKY" and CD for the TV anime, "NANA".

In 2006.08, released 1st album "Strip Me?". Not only did she succeed in sales, she was evaluated very highly for her work. At the same time, she performed actively in the live of 2006. Started live performances for,"JAPAN EXPO" France (Paris) and appeared in "SUMMER SONIC 06",one of the biggest rock festival in Japan. In "SUMMER SONIC", audiences were so excited that people gathered until the capacity hit their limit. In fall, she appeared in many campus festivals and achieved a successful one-man LIVE in December, "2006 FINAL strip yourself!" (at Tokyo: Shinkiba Studio Coast) with full audience.

At last, she released her long-waited new single, "BUBBLE TRIP/Sweet Sweet Song" in 2007.08.01! In "BUBBLE TRIP", "KNS Productions" joined as co-producer (producer team who produced Britney Spears and 'N Sync). This summer, she has been offered from not only domestic festivals but rock festivals worldwide and expecting future performances. Moreover, CD release in 43 European countries is planned in July, and also in the US, 8 major companies planned to distribute her song. Her overseas activity is expected.
There's no one with the "presence" of a model, actress, singer, and Japanese. We can't take our eyes off from "Anna Tsuchiya" as "Pop-Icon" for the 21st century!

EDWIN "503"
Daiichi Kosyo "Premium DAM"
Herbal essences "Paradise trip"

KENENN (screenplay, director: Kazuma Suzuki)
Tya no Aji (screenplay, director: Katsuhito Ishii, starring Tadanobu Asano) opening film for director award in Cannes International Film Festival
Shimotsuma Monogatari (screenplay,director: Tetsuya Nakashima, starring Kyoko Fukada, Anna Tsuchiya)
Disney's Harbie (voice actress)
Arumaito Tantei (director: Yoichi Sai, starring Kippei Shiina)
Basshument (director: Toshikazu Fukawa, starring: Anna Tsuchiya)
Kiraware Matsuko no Issho (director, screenplay: Tetsuya Nakajima)
Sakuran (original author: Moyoko Anno, director: Mika Ninagawa, starring Anna Tsuchiya)

\[Awards in 2004\]
Japan Academy Awards; best new comer, best supporting actress
Blue Ribbon Awards; Best new comer
Hochi Eiga Award; Best new comer
The 26th Yokohama Eigasai; Best new comer
Mainichi Eigasyo; Best new comer
Kinema Junpo; best new comer
Nihon Eiga Taisho; best supporting actress

WHITE ICE SHERBET (photoshooting; Mika Abukawa/Asuka Shinsha /photo album) 2003.01
ANNA BANANA (Takarajimasha/photo essay) 2004.06
FLEUR (Anna Tsuchiya×TAKAKO/Wani Books/photo books) 2004.12.24
HAPPYDAYS ANNA, Mama ni Naru! (Shodensha/essay)2005.12.17

8/1~ HP renewal
"Taste Mt Skin" selected for MTV exclusive video! OA starts!
"TRUE CALLING" OA starts in TV TOKYO etc. Anna's "Somebody help me" OA as ending theme.
·"Taste My Skin" started to distribute as "Tyakuuta" from Record Company Chokuei♪

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