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ZEEBRA whom earned fame as the MC of the hip-hop group "KING GIDDRA" (1995 debut) has become quite the legend now. He brought up his talent early and raised Rap in Japanese to a new dimension, contributing to the expansion of the Rap scene. He continues to dominate the top position from his solo debut of 97. The height of his musicality, technique, smart style and his presence become the charisma among listeners regardless of gender. In addition, he has earned the trust and respect from other artists. His music is beyond a generation and a genre, and he does a lot of guest appearances.
At the end of 1998, he carried out his first solo tour "The Live Animal Japan Tour". From July to August of 1999, he participated in the FUTURE SHOCK label tour "SHOCK TO THE FUTURE". His regular program "BEATS TO THE RHYME" in the TFM system (national 32 stations) net started its broadcast in October. In addition, he was in charge of a commercial song with TWIGY and DEV LARGE on a theme called "Player's Delight" which twisted hip-hop classical music "Rapper's Delight" as the NBA Japan promotion for NIKE. (The visual is an NBA player by Mr. Kei Wakano the illustrator)
From the end of 1999 to 2000, he released "SIVA1999" "ZEUS2000" which collaborated with Sugar Soul and DJ HASEBE. (Both make a big hit). He released "MR.DYNAMITE" as a single in March and pushed hip-hop straight up the pop charts. His 2nd Album "BASED ONA TRUE STORY" which was released in June; made third place on the Ori kon first appearance chart, winning the first gold disk for real hip-hop. From July, he carried out a national hall tour, "THE LIVE ANIMAL 2000", reaching out to six cities: Sapporo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka and Tokyo. It was later recorded an advance sale sellout for a hip-hop artist. His guest appearance to DREAM COME TRUE became the topic in November. In January of 2001, he released his single "Neva Enuff Feat AKTION". This single was a record smash hit as music affected by the first Hollywood advance movie "Brother" of Director Takeshi Kitano. He released both first A side single "BABY GIRL / Jonan hustler 2" in August and made a hit consecutively. He brought back "King Gidora" in 2002 and announced the music with extremely strong contents of the social nature or the theme song of the movie. The album "ultimate weapon" which he released in October recorded the third place Orikon first appearance, even though the content was hardcore. In addition, he carried out the consolation live in the reform school (Gunma / Akagi reform school) where it became the first time for a hip-hop artist to perform on a campus. In 2003, he re-started his solo activity in PONY CANYON and released the single "BIG BIG MONEY Feat.HIRO(F.O.H)" in January. It let a new idea blow the music scene by the sound approach that was totally different from the previous work in King Gidora. The PV of this song was made as a conclusion project of the three part product PV "SHOUT" by Director Kenji Sonoda. The height of the quality received great admiration from both mediums: Film and Music. In addition, he formed the production team "FIRSTKLAS" which linked the hip-hop scene and R & B scene with Riyosuke Imai, the producer of R & B (DJ KEN-BO joins in September 2003, there are three systems now). He produced EXILE and SUITE CHIC, Yuki Koyanagi, BENNIE K, AI and UZI. In April, he released the single "SUPATECH"(What's My Name?)." In May, he acted as chairman with Nana Katase (the actress / singer) for the "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2003". He made the theme song for the movie "g@me", and plays an active part in the many mediums such as TV (including commercials) and movies. In July, he released the Single "Perfect Queen" and released his 3rd ALBUM "TOKYO'S FINEST". He made the set for "THE LIVE ANIMAL 03-TOKYO'S FINEST", held from November to December with the final shows in Shibuya AX hall (two days). The tour proved to be very prosperous. He shared FIRSTKLAS with MTV for the new year and planned an artist audition program "MTV STAR TOUR" for the next generation. In 2004, he won Best Hip Hop Video on the "MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2004" (The best hip-hop video Prize). In May he played with Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi; "Shiawaseninarouyo 04 Feat ZEEBRA" which became the topic of the month, and participated in "the Sakurajima all night concert" held in August. This year, which was an Olympic year, he made the song "Go For Da Gold!!" with bassist JINO / Kenji Hino. He sent the song to Kosuke Kitajima, a National Olympic swimmer, Kitajima won a gold medal wonderfully. In 2005, he participated in the short movie "Jam Films S" playing the leading role on "Tuesday" by Director Kenji Sonoda. He also does a space product for the baseball team the "Swallows" and for Jingu Stadium, opening the width of his activity.

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