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MIYAVI (雅) guitar
Birthday: September 14
Hometown: Hyougo prefecture
Blood Type: AB
Height: 183-185cm
Weight: Won Bun dam, feather rank twice
Hobby: Dozing, Get in dragged
Special Talent: Oresama
Since 2003, Miyavi has proposed the concept of "Neo Visualism" through his musical activities. While touring throughout Asia, Miyavi started to consider a worldwide approach to music and "Neo Visualism".
Miyavi's US debut was at a secret show at MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, in February 2007. This was an exclusive show with only a DJ and Percussionist at the hotels Tabu Ultra lounge. In May 2007, Miyavi was the featured artist at the J Rock Revolution concert held at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. The concert sold-out in one day. One of the highlights of the performance was the 6 foot, 800 lbs Taiko drums that were shipped all the way from Japan for this performance.
In June 2007, Miyavi performed as a member of the super-group, S.K.I.N. at the Long Beach Area. Along with fellow band members, YOSHIKI (X-Japan), Gackt (MALICE MIZER), SUGIZO (LUNA SEA), the group played to an energetic audience.
U.S. fans have continually been asking for a US solo tour. In May 2008, these wishes were finally realized. Miyavi performed in Anaheim, Hollywood and San Francisco.
Miyavi's newest album, "MIYAVI - THIS IZ THE JAPANESE KABUKI ROCK" has been released in Japan on March 19, 2008. Using a combination of intricate musical sounds and visual styling has created a unique masterpiece. The guitar was intentionally manipulated to sound like a Shamisen (a traditional Japanese instrument).
The live performance features a mixture of traditional Kabuki inspired makeup, costumes and Kimono, but also the modern fashion of a airbrushed ball cap attached as an accessory to his "top knob" hair style. Additionally Miyavi's stage costume features the words "The Wisdom Sutras" embroider on his back, these are his lyrics, which show his nationalism and pride in being Japanese.
The band features a Tap Dancer, a Painter a Human Beat Box, DJ, Bass and Drums that makes up the KAVKI BOIZ. This combination goes beyond any music genre.
A true Japanese spirit with a western influence, this truly awe inspiring tour reached the shores of all the world in the summer of 2008.

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