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Hometown: Oosaka prefecture
Birthday: November 22, 1975
Blood Type: AB
97.12 Released indie music 1st album 'Astral Box'.
98.05.20 Released indie music 1st single.
98.05.30 Released indie music 2nd album 'GIRLIE'.
98.07.17 Released and debuted with the single 'Ashita' (The main theme of 'Shinsei Toilet no Hanako san', broadcasted by Touei. The Ending theme of 'Shinbashi Music Hall', broadcasted by NTV.), (Marked 89th place on the Oricon chart, also appearing for 5weeks in the chart).
98.9.15 Held the 1st one-man live 'LOVE LIKE POP!' at Ezaka Boomin' Hall.
99.03.03 Released 2nd maxi-single 'Naki-mushi' (The Ending theme of 'OkaeriWide', broadcasted by MBS-TV. The Ending theme of 'Let's Go Wild', broadcasted by YAB-TV.), (Marked 71st place on the Oricon chart, also appearing for 2weeks.).
99.04.21 Released 1st Album 'Chiisana Marui Yoshibi' (The opening theme of 'Shukan Chikyu TV', broadcasted by ANB. The CM song of 'Human Academy'. The Ending theme of 'Love Chat', broadcasted by CX.).
99.05.28 Held a live 'LOVE LIKE POPⅡ' at Osaka Umeda Heat Beat.
99.06.06 Released 3rd maxi-single 'Hanabi' (The ending theme of 'GekiMaji!!-Teen no Honne-', broadcasted by ANB. The CM song of Circle K.). (Marked 8th place on the Oricon chart, also appearing for 20weeks.).
99.10 Held a live tour in 5 academic festivals nation-wide.
99.11.17 Released 4th maxi-single 'Kabutomushi' (The ending theme of 'CDTV', broadcasted by TBS, during December. The ending theme of 'Jobireba!?', broadcasted by CX.), (Marked 8th place in the Oricon chart, also appearing for 15weeks.).
99.12.13-20 Held a live 'LOVE LIKE POP VOL.Ⅲ' at Nagoya Bottom Line, Osaka Heat Beat, and ON AIR EAST.
00.02.17 Released 5th maxi-single 'Sakura no Toki' (An image song of calpis water.), (First production limited version existed/ Marked 12th place on the Oricon.).
00.03.01 Released 2nd album 'Sakura no Ki no Shita' (Marked 1st place in the Oricon.), (a CM song of DoCoMo502i-mode).
00.04.14- Started live tour 'LOVE LIKE POP VOL.Ⅳ'. Held 10 times at 8 places over the nation.
00.05.13/15 Held additional live 'Chotto Ureshii TuikaKouen. Dame?' at ZEPP Osaka and Akasaka BLITZ.
00.09.20 Released 6th maxi-single 'Boy Friend' (Marked 2nd place on the Oricon.).
00.11.22 Released live video 'Love Like Pop', and clip collections 'Utauinu'.
0012.02-23 Started 1st hall live tour 'LOVE LIKE POP VOL.Ⅴ'. Held 11times at 9 places over the nation.
00.12.25 Appeared at 'HEY!HEY!HEY! X'mas champ' (Almost got blown off by the strong wind over Odaiba.).
00.12.29 Special appearance in 'Music Station Special'.
00.12.31 Participated in NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Singing 'Boy Friend' while holding a mobile phone!)
Afterward, she participated in Dreams Come True count down event 'DCT Garden'. Singing 'Ureshi!Tanoshi!Daisuki', and 'LOVE LOVE LOVE' with Misa Yoshida. Right before dawn, prayed for the year 2001 at a nearby shrine with her managers.
01.02.21Released maxi-single 'Hatsukoi' (Marked 3rd place on the Oricon.).
01.03Held 1st fan-club LIMITED live event 'BABY PEENATS Meeting Vol.1'. In Fukuoka, she got a small inflammation in her throat because she kept working so hard with a cold.
01.04She cut her hair. Aiko herself was surprised at the shortness of her hair after the haircut.
01.05.30Released maxi-single 'Logy'. (Marked 2nd place on the Oricon.).
01.05- Started a dreadful schedule for a national campaign. Running through 19 cities nation-wide.
01.06.20 Released 3rd album 'Natsufuku' (Marked 1st place in the Oricon!).
01.06.30 Participated in Fighting CDTV SPECIAL LIVE.
01.07.16 Started live tour 'LOVE LIKE POP Vol.6'. Held 19 times at 12 cities nation-wide.
01.10.08 Finished the performance at the social security pension hall.
01.10.22/23 Additional performance at the Osaka Festival Hall.
01.11.05 Additional performance at the Tokyo Kokusai Forum, finishing long, long tour without hindrance.
01.11.21 Released 9th maxi-single 'Oyasuminasai' (The main theme of 'Sayonara, Odu-sensei', broadcasted at Fuji TV.).
01.12.28 Participated in Music Station Super Live 2001, held at Tokyo BAY NK Hall.
02.03.20 Released Live Video 'Yurakuchou de Aimasho -Love Like Pop Vol.Ⅵ-', the DVD&VHS series.
02.04.24 Released 10th maxi-single 'Anata to Akushu'.
02.06-07. Kept on recording and starting to feel impatient for the deadline. Meanwhile, she had a physical checkup, acknowledging her height being 5mm smaller.
02.07.28 Participated in event 'MINAMI GOES ON', broadcasted in fm-osaka, with Yuika Kawamura.
02.08- Spent days of a congested schedule of doing campaigns and promotions.
02.08.14 Released 11th maxi-single 'Kondo Madeniha' (Marked 3rd place on the Oricon chart.).
02.08.29 Participated in the event 'SonnanoArina EpisodeⅢ', held by all-night Nippon.
02.09.04 Released 4th album 'Aki Sobaniiruyo' (Marked 2nd place on the Oricon chart.).
02.09.21 Started live event 'LOVE LIKE POP Vol.Ⅶ', held 21 times at 17 cities.
02.11.22 The final 'LOVE LIKE POP Vol.Ⅶ' live at NHK Hall with a lot of surprising event. This day was also her birthday.
02.12.27 Participated in Music Station Super Live 2002.
02.12.31 Participated in 'CDTV Special chou-gouka Toshi-koshi Live 2002-2003'. Paid a visit to a shrine with ordinary band members and staffs.
03.01. Held an annual ski training camp. Kept on skiing nonstop.
03.03. Participated in CM.
03.03.19 Released DVD/VHS 'Utauinu2'.
03.04.02 Released 12th maxi-single 'Choucho Musubi' (Marked 4th place.).
03.07.17 5years anniversary! She went to a barbecue at a beach with GbM staffs, getting an interview at the same time.
03.08.06 Released 13th maxi-single 'Andromeda' (Marked 3rd place.).
03.08.30 1st open air guerilla live 'Love Like Aloha', at Enoshima. The notification of this live was only by mobile phone, but 25000audiences arrived.
03.10.03 Participated in 'Music Station SP', broadcasted by ANB. She became the 1st artist to sing in the studio at Shinshaya, Roppongi.
03.11.06 Released 14th maxi-single 'Eriashi'.
03.11.27 Released 5th album 'Akatuki no Love Letter'.
04.01.09 Started the hall tour 'Love Like Pop Vol.8', beginning from Ichikawa kennminn hall. Finished the tour on April 1.
04.04.28 Released 15th single 'Kaban'.
04.09.01 Released 16th maxi-single 'Kafuu' (An image song of professional baseball broadcast 'THE LIVE 2004', broadcasted at Nihon TV.).
04.12.01 Participated in Act Against AIDS Osaka-jo Hall performance, as a guest of KAN. Sung 'Kabutomushi' enthusiastically.
04.12.24 Participated in 'Music Station Special Super Live 2004', broadcasted at ANB.
04.12.31 Participated in '55th Kouhaku Uta Gassen', by NHK. Closing 2004 with 'Kafuu'. Afterward, she participated in 'CDTV Special Toshi-koshi Premium Live 2004-2005'.
05.02.16 Released 17th maxi-single 'Sankoku Eki'.
05.03.02 Released 6th album 'Yume no Naka no Massugu na Michi'.
05.03.28 Released 1st artist book 'aiko bon'. It was an over 400pages book full of information about aiko.
05.04.11 Started hall tour 'Love Like Pop Vol.9', beginning from Green Hall Sagami Oono. Held 25performances at 18cities.
05.05.11 Released Live DVD 'Love Like Pop add.'.
05.08.03 Released 18th maxi-single 'KiraKira' (The main theme of 'Ganbatteikimasshoi', broadcasted in Fuji TV, and Kansai TV.).
05.11.30 Released 19th maxi-single 'Star' (The main theme of movie 'Arashi no Yoruni', released on December 10, by Touhou movie.).
05.12.07 Participated in FNS Kayosai for the first time.
05.12.23 Participated in Music Station Super Live.
05.12.31 Participated in 56th Kouhaku Uta Gassen, broadcasted by NHK. Afterward, participated in CDTV broadcasted by TBS. She went to shrine after finishing the event with ordinary band members and staffs.
Started serialization story 'Kakushu aiko' in non-no.
06.04.Started album recording secretly.
06.05.Started going to gym secretly.
06.07.12 Released 20th single 'Kumo ha Shiro Ringo ha Aka'. Started 'Chaku uta' at music.jp.
06.08.23 Released 7th album 'Kanojo'.
06.08.30 Held live 'Love Like Aloha 2' in the rain, at Megasaki Southern Beach.
06.09.11 Appeared in 'Waratteiitomo!!', broadcasted in Fuji TV for the first time.
06.10.02 Started live tour 'Love Like Pop Vol.10', beginning from Kawaguchi Lilia Main Hall. Held 24times at 16cities over the nation.
06.11. Appeared in CM of DoCoMo.
06.11.29 Participated in 'Ichi-oku Sannzennmannninn ga Erabu Best Artist 2006', broadcasted in NTV.
06.12.22 Participated in 'Music Station Super Live 2006', broadcasted in ANB.
06.12.31 Participated in 57th Kouhaku Uta Gassen, broadcasted by NHK. Afterward, went to the annual praying at a shrine.
07.01.17 Additional live 'Love Like Pop Vol.10', held at Fukuoka. Beginning from Marin Messe Fukuoka.
07.03.21 Released Live DVD 'LOVE LIKE POP add. 10th anniversary'. It was a disc which recorded additional live at Yokohama Arena.
07.04.27 Participated in event 'REQUESTAGE 5', at Osaka-jou Hall for the first time. Sung 5 tunes.
07.05.30 Released 21st single 'Shiawase'.
07.08.22 Released single 'Hoshi no nai Sekai/ Yokogao' ('Hoshi no nai Sekai' was an image song of 'FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHORONICLES Ring of Fates', a videogame. 'Yokogao' was a main theme of drama 'Hotaru no Hikari', broadcasted by Nihon TV.).
07.08.25 Participated in event 'All Night Nippon Butoukan', broadcasted by Nippon Housou.

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