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 MJP TV - Flash of vistlip - Your Questions!
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Author Thread  

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Joined: Oct, 2009
 Posted - 2011/11/21 :  11:09:25  Show profile Send a private message
On December 13th, online music magazine "MJP (musicJAPANplus)" will be airing the online live program "Flash of vistlip"! For the program your questions for the band members are needed! Ask away about their latest release "ORDER MADE" and anything you always wanted to ask!

Please leave your questions here with the following pattern:

Your name: (Nick name OK)
Your country:
Your question:

And then please look forward to vistlip TV!!

MJP TV Presents "Flash of vistlip"
Airing Time: 2011/12/13 (Tue) 21:00~ (Japanese Standard Time)
Airing Place: http://www.musicjapanplus.jp/
※Please access the top page for the program. From about 20:00h the top banner will be exchanged for the screen.

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United States
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Posted - 2011/11/21 :  20:57:17  Show profile  Send a private message  Send Nyanpire666 an instant message
First of all you guys are amazing!!! >_<
I ♥ Vistlip!!!

Your name: Kai
Your country: United States
Your question: I have two questions, first is for Yuh, I've seen photos of your new puppy on Ameba, what's it's name, and what breed is it?
it's super adorable ♥

and Second is for Umi, Why is it that you always seem angry and never smile, or just look away in pictures (non photoshoot)
you have a gorgeous smile, why do you always hide it?

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Posted - 2011/11/22 :  02:10:08  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Aiko
Your country: Argentina
Your question: What are you planning for the future?
at some point in his career will do a world tour? if that were to happen
which country would like to go?
I have a question for tomo
Why you do don't put anything in ameba?


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Posted - 2011/11/22 :  08:15:41  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit KiRaidesu's homepage
First of all...I'm very sorry if I ask stupid questions to you, guys. I just can't help it ^^

Your name: KiRaidesu
Your country: Indonesia
Your question:

For Umi:
1. Could you tell me the type of your guitars? I've been looking for the info, but haven't find it...
2. You can cook, right? What's your favorite food to make?
3. What do you do to get inspirations for the music?
4. What makes you happy?
5. What's the meaning of each of the cover designs?
7. Can I become your sister and call you, "nii-san"? :D <--- what I always WANTED to ask XP

For Tomo:
1. Where have you been? You haven't update your blog. Missing you so much...
2. Why the second album is title: ORDER MADE? What's the meaning and who has come out with the name?
3. What's your favorite place to hang out and with who?
4. How do you keep your voice clear and clean?
5. How Umi can become the leader? What's the story? :) <--- 2nd question that I always WANTED to ask :D

For Rui:
1. Could you tell me the type of your bass?
2. What do you do when you're feeling gloomy and sad?
3. Which country you want to visit the most, and why?
4. Is Haku from UNITE really your brother?

For Yuh:
1. Could you tell me the type of your guitars?
2. What is the wildest dream you've ever had?
3. At this time, what do you want to do the most?

For Tohya:
1. What make you always cheerful?
2. Among the members, who do you like to tease the most? (X3)
3. What do you like the most from panda (animal)?
4. Is the Panda on your drums become the band mascot?

For ALL (each member answer)
1. How do you see yourselves now and in the future? Proud? Satisfied? or still wanting to go higher?
2. What's your childhood dreams?
3. If you can switch position in the band, what other position do you want to try? (example Umi from guitar to vocal).
4. Let's say you're brothers, who will be the eldest one, second, third, fourth, and the last?
5. Who made the concept for each PV?
6. What's your embarrassing moments?
7. Which live do you felt most tears?
8. What's on your mind at the moment you standing on the stage and facing the fans?
9. Do you have a routine schedule for practice, like once a week? or you rather do it before live shows?
10. What's the meaning of the song: "July VIIth" for you?
11. What kind of music you've been listening at the moment? (song title, artist)
12. If you aren't a musician, what will you be?
13. Who made the title for each songs, the one who composed the music or you guys discuss it together?
14. What are your hopes for the band (also the members)?
15. What is your favorite song in ORDER MADE and why?

That's all from me (for now) :)
Love you, guys so much!
Always take care~~~

As long as we keep moving forward for what we believe in, it will be alright,"
~Allen Walker, The Crown Clown~

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Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/11/22 :  19:47:52  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit reireiregret's homepage
Your name: Reirei Regret
Your country: Germany
Your question(s):

i heard umi doesn't like to fly around the world because of the jetlag. is that true? if not, why vistlip only visited france and finland in europe? germany has such a huge fanbase. is there any hope for vistlip to come to europe again?

are you always reading and trying to reply your fan mails? also, what do you think about fans that are sending presents to you?

is it a secret what the countdown on the OHP means? we're curious!

why is it impossible for overseas to join VIP list? we also wanna join!

from all vkei bands in japan- which one do you count to your best friends?

fans are getting worried because you aren't updating your blog since a while now. is there any reason?

we all know that you like janne da arc. but which musician has influenced you most to become a musician?

all the extensions in the lives and shoots. have you borrow them from hyde? and after you had them, had reika stole it from you? XD
was funny to see how the same hair went through a lot of vkei bands!

heard you were in germany for a limited time. which places were the nicest to you? are you planning to come back?
if so - bring everyone with you! ;)

in live dvd's, some songs and especially the dead cherry piano version we fans get to know that you also have a beautiful voice! how about taking a longer vocal part on a vistlip song? or even sing a whole song?

if there wouldn't have been the accident you wanted to release your full album last year in december as you said on your oneman on 2010.07.07 - now it's 2011, one year longer as planned while going through ups and downs. were there any situations or something like that which had influeced you by writing the songs on ORDER MADE?

will there be a special extra in ORDER MADE? like cards umi draw or photographs ( like there were in SINDRA? ) ? if so, what?

what's the meaning of the title of the album 'ORDER MADE' ? how did it come to that?

which is the personal favorite song from ORDER MADE and why? ( question for everyone )

on to the end;

from all of my heart, vistlip, i'm looking forward to see you guys in 2011. i'll be able to fly to japan for dreaming my dream. i hope our eyes are going to strike each other, so that i'll never forget the day i saw you live on stage. finally.
i'm looking forward to see you guys on 2012.07.07. 5years vistlip.
and 4 years vistlip for me. i love you. <3


thank you MJP for doing this. i always wanted to have the chance to ask some questions to my favorite band. truly, thank you. <3


at the end, i'd love MJP for the showing the boys a website the german fanbase made. it's a vistlip source where german fans can discuss with each other and stuff;
the sites called: www.fivebarkinanimals.de.vu
( if this is not allowed, please mods, delete this part of the positing. )

<img src="http://fivebarkinanimals.webs.com/sigs/vistsig04.PNG" border="0">

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Posted - 2011/11/23 :  17:19:15  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit nanz666's homepage
Your name: ポケモン☆NaN
Your country: タイ [Thailand]
Your question: (1)海外公演の予定がありますか?行きたい国は何ですか? [Do you have plan to hold concert outside Japan? If that so, which country do you want to go?]
(2)タイに行ったことありますか?タイ料理食べたことがありますか?どんな料理ですか? [Have you ever been to Thailand? Have you ever tasted Thai food? Which Thai food do you like?

PS. I went to see their performance at V-Rock '11 and it was very impressed (^-^)
Thank you for creating such a beautiful song.

YoU KnOw YoU LoVe Me ★≪--・´`・.XOXO.・´`・--≫★

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Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/11/23 :  18:12:44  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Cherry
Your country: Finland
Your question

For all:

1. Are you nervous before concerts ? How does it appear ?
2. With whom would you change seats for one day ?
3. What think you were in Finland and Finnish people ?
4. Could you go back to Europe as soon as possible ?

For Tomo:

1. How many times you suffer from sore throat ?
2. What would you like to still be achieved ?

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Hong Kong
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Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/11/26 :  16:50:39  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Melody
Your country: Hong Kong
Your question(s):

Hi everyone I am a new fan, just becoming vistlip's fan this year!
I have a lot to ask...but maybe I will choose one
Since Umi-san also sings well...
Is that possible if all members switch their positions and then perform in lives!
It must be interesting to do so!

Just before the PV preview of ORDER MADE is released, Tomo-san totally disappeared from his blog! ((>д<))
I was so worried and I wondered what happened..
Is it because of the work in recording?
It is good to see you update the blog again!

Recently Tohya-san is always joking on Umi-san!
It is so funny when i read the conversations of you two in Ameba!(`∀´)
Why is that Tohya-san ? (laughs)
Won't you be afraid that Umi-san will be angry at you? (laughs)

Your nails are so beautiful!
I have seen you teaching us how to draw those nails on your blog
But I still cannot manage it...
Have you learnt how to draw nails by lessons? Or you teach yourself?
And which brand of nail polish do you use?

First maybe i should say hi to kokoro-chan!
kokoro-chan is so cute!
Last time Yuh-san posted a photo of Kokoro-chan's smile,
It looks so similar as Yuh-san's smile! XD
First i would like to ask which species of dog is kokoro-chan?
And i would like to ask about what food it liked?

Sometime ago the new Rough the Vistlip (the Halloween one)was so fun!(≧▽≦)
And I remembered that Umi-san will have to sing a song(`∀´)
I can't wait for it!
Will Umi-san sing? I am so interested to know which song will you sing!
Maybe every member can request a song ? (laughs)

Looking forward to the PV!!
The preview is just awesome, I nearly cried ・°・(ノД`)・°・
Which song from the Album you like most?
And why is it called ORDER MADE?

thanks so much :D

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United States
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Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/11/28 :  21:39:51  Show profile  Send a private message
would you guys ever tour the usa? I would love to see you guys live plus your air your show on my birthday


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Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/11/29 :  15:35:31  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Kira
Your country: Brazil
Your question:
What was the bands that influencied you?
What was the reaction of your parents when you said "I will join in a VK band!"?
Have you ever thought that vistlip would have fans around the world?
If you could change places with someone (of the band) for one day, who would you be and why?
Why V.I.P LiST is not open to overseas fans? We want to join too.
Can you tell something you like about each member?
vistlip will not make videos from "ROUGH the vistlip" anymore?
Who did the covers of ORDER MADE? Was Umi?
What is that countdown on your home page? We're curious!
Do you read every fan mails and letters?
And how about a world tour someday? Not only EUROPE but a WORLD tour.
And for Tomo: Smoke don't prejudice your voice? ):

Thanks <3

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Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/11/29 :  20:59:03  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Kiui
Your country: Chile
Your question:

Hi, first of all, i'm so exciting 'cause you come back then all this time... n.n <3

Now, my questions are:

-Are you record Rough the Vistlip like before?, if you answer is yes, do you have some date or some progress?
-What's your perfume? x3

And the last is about the CD:

-Each of you have some favorite song in special of this CD? :3

Thanks so much for make music for all! n.n
And I hope you guys can visit Latin America. c:

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Joined: Nov, 2011
Posted - 2011/12/02 :  00:52:21  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Shockerz

Your country:Malaysia

Your question:

Hello!I'm Shockerz.Since I'm just becoming Vistlip's fan this year(on March 13th),I have many question that I want to ask.So this is my questions:

For all:
-What's the hardest decision that you've made in your life?
-What's the weirdest fan mails and presents that you've received from fans?
-Can I call you guys 'nii-san'? X3
-Have you guys ever had a fights or misunderstanding with each other before?
-I'm not allowed to buy stuff online so I still don't have any of your albums or singles yet.Ever considered selling your albums and singles at Malaysia?

For Tohya:
-Is it fun to teased other members especially Umi? XD

For Yuh:
-I've heard that you stayed at Germany before,can u speak their language?
-Please tell Kokoro-chan that I said 'Hi'.

For Umi:
-Why is it hard for you to smile?You look cute when you smile..
-I love the way you played your guitar,can you teach me? X3
-Please be my husband!!Just kidding.. XD

-I've seen the preview,it's sweet!Looking forward to it.
-Is there any challenges that you need to faced when making the PV?

Just that,arigatou gozaimasu!I will always support Vistlip,no matter how,that's my promise!!

-Fixing my brain gears by writing fanfics-

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Posted - 2011/12/02 :  04:09:36  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Kira
Your country: Brazil
Your question: Sorry, I have two more questions!

Why Tomo and Rui use the same ring? I'm very curious about this. :D
And for Rui: Sorry if this disrespect you but, who is more Hyde's fanboy: You or Yasu (Acid Black Cherry, Janne da Arc)?

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United States
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Posted - 2011/12/06 :  20:57:01  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Mimi
Your country: United States
Your question:

Tomo: How good do you think your English speaking skills are? What do you do to practice listening/speaking English?

Umi: Where did you learn to cook and how often do you cook for the members?

Yuh: What foreign drama have you been watching recently?

Rui: What is your favorite clothing store?

Tohya: How many piercings do you have and which one was the most painful?

To All Members
1. What do you like to do during your free time?
2. What was your favorite memory of high school?
3. What do you want to receive for Christmas?
4. What would you be doing if you were not a part of Vistlip?
5. What countries do you want to travel to if you do an overseas tour and why?
6. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
7. What animal would each member be and why?

About Order Made
1. What was the hardest part about making the album?
2. Did you incorporate any different styles into these new songs?

Order Made is being released the day before my birthday! That is definitely the best birthday present ever :)

The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination.

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Posted - 2011/12/11 :  13:49:03  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Komiko
Your country: Poland
Your questions: First, I'm soooo happy You're back!!!


01. Five words about yourself.
02. Are you happy? If is something else you need?
03. Your favorite color?
04. What is your favorite band/singer?
05. What is your favorite movie?
06. What is your habit?
07. Your favorite body part?
08. How long you smoke?
09. Are you sleeping and waking up in a good way? Also, what do you immediately do after you wake up?
10. What do you do when you can't sleep?
11. How do you spend your days off?
12. The place where you relax inside your room?
13. Where do your eyes travel when you first meet a person?
14. If you were born again, would you be a man or a woman?
15. Do you want to get married?
16. Do you believe in fate?
17. If you are not an artist right now, what would you be?
18. Tell about the last CD you bought?
19. Which one of your own songs do you like the best?
20. Your feeling when you listened to the completed sound in “Order Made”?

...and I must confess: I love your sweet voice and I dream to meet you one day, my dear Tomo! ♥

And vistlip are my one of favorite bands!

P.S. Sorry for my bad english ^^"

Thanks musicJAPANplus for this!

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Joined: Jul, 2011
Posted - 2011/12/12 :  12:10:11  Show profile  Send a private message
Your name: Kate
Your country: UK
Your question: I want to ask everyone..what's your favorite type of girl?


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