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 MJP : ViViD TV Questions Collection
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 Posted - 2010/06/14 :  04:16:59  Show profile Send a private message
ViViD TV Questions Collection

On June 27th musicJAPANplus will be airing “ViViD TV” via USTREAM on the top page of musicJAPANplus and for that event, we are looking for your “Questions to ViViD”!

So be quick and enter the questions, you would like to ask ViViD.
There is no limit to the number of question either!

When sending your questions:
Please enter your country name, your own name (nick name is OK, too) and of course the question(s).

Entry period:
June 14th 2010 until the start of the program

Find the details on ViViD TV here:

Announcements for ViViD TV can also be found at the MJP Offcial Twitter and the MJP Official Facebook page!
For everyone who might be afraid to miss the event, follow our Twitter accound and/or subscribe to the event on Facebook.
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/musicjapanplus

*To enter your questions, it is necessary to register as a user at the musicJAPANplus Forum. If you have not yet registered, please agree to the privacy policy and become a member now.


Here are the times of the airing in the different time zones:

Please Note: The time of the airing has changed. The airing of ViViD TV on the musicJAPANplus top page starts at 6:00am!!

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United States
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Posted - 2010/06/14 :  06:30:00  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit kaimrgn's homepage
Name: Shaneika
Country: Jamaica

Konnichi wa ViViD! I am a fan from the island of Jamaica, and i really like your music. I want to understand what ViViD is saying so i am learning Japanese right now.

To ViViD:
1.Is it surprising to have fans from my part of the world, outside of Japan, Europe & America? How do you feel about having a fan from the caribbean?

2.How did the band come together? and why did you choose the name "ViViD"?

3.How did you feel when you finally made your debut?

To Shin:
Please answer your mail sometime when you are free..though i know its a lot!!

1.Your voice is amazing. Did you get vocal training?
2.What or who inspired you to become a musician?
3.Can you play any instruments?
4.If you weren't an artist what would you have become instead?
5.What do you do for fun?
6.Who is your ideal type of girl?

To Reno:
1.Your birthday was on June 4th, but still I want to wish you Happy Birthday. How did you spend it?
2.What is the nicest gift you have received?
3.I really want to visit Japan next summer. Is there a place you would recommend for me to see?
4.What do you like most about being a musician?
5.When did you start playing the guitar? and How many do you own?
6.what do you do for fun?

To Ryoga:
1.You say you love 80's Rock. Any particular artist or song from the 80's that you love most?
2.I love your style. what influences you?
3.What do you like to do for fun?
4.Did you always want to be in a band?
5.Is there any member that you are closest to?
6.You play the guitar extremely well. Would you teach lessons?

To Iv:
1.which is your favourite ViViD song so far?
2.I also like writing songs. Would you like ViViD to perform english songs someday?
3.How good is your english?
4.Did you always want to become a musician?
5.Is there any member of ViViD or artist in PS Company that you are close friends with?
6.You play the bass magnificently, can you play other instruments?

To Ko-Ki:
1.Is there any artist that you admire the most?
2.When did you learn to play the drums?
3.In your profile, it says you stay indoors, so what do you do for fun indoors?
4.Is there a time where you go "wow i'm in ViViD and i'm popular"?
5.what do you look for in girls?
6.Would you date someone who is not Japanese?

Thank you for answering my questions. I wish you lots of success, so please continue to make wonderful music and i will continue to support ViViD!!


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Posted - 2010/06/14 :  08:13:31  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Vikinta
Country: Lithuania

1. What do you expect from Japan EXPO'10?
2. Whats is your ideal?
3. What can you give to other group members now?
4. Which one of group is bad boy?
5. What's your favorite food?

1. What bad habit do you have?

1. You love yours legs, right? When did you add more legs photos in blog? We still waiting. XD

1. What usually you buy in stores?

1. What kind of music (group) now you listening the most?
2. Do you still like mameshiba? *waiting photo with mameshiba*

1. Which one Europe country you wanna visit most?
2. What j-rock/vk band you like?

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Joined: Jun, 2010
Posted - 2010/06/14 :  13:49:48  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Yuki
Country: Selangor, Malaysia

To ViViD:
1. What is your future aim?

To Shin:
1. What is your real name?
2. What is your ideal type? (girls I mean XD)

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Joined: May, 2010
Posted - 2010/06/14 :  14:35:10  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Paulina's homepage
Name: Paulina
Country: Poland

To ViViD:
1. Will you tour Europe in the future (not only France)?
2. Do you hang out with SCREW members sometimes? You write about them on your blogs sometimes (and they write about ViViD too).
3. If an overseas fan wants to send you a fanmail, can they use english? Would you understand it?
4. Do you google your band name sometimes, just to read what people write about you on the various sites?
5. If you were plants, which one would you be?
6. If you one day woke up and you find out you had super powers, which power would you have and what would you do?
7. Are you considering to release your CDs in Europe?
8. What do you like the most about being in a band and making music?

To IV:
1. Why did you stop posting RENOMOMO photos on your blog? Can you post some more?
2. Which Mameshiba is your favorite one?
3. What's exactly the tattoo on your chest and what does the tattoo on your fingers say?
4. You said on your blog you were dying your hair to many colors when you were in high school. Did you have many problems because of that?

To Shin:
1. How did it happen that you became the vocalist of ViViD? The other members were in the session band モンスターハンターG5 before, so they obviously knew each other, but what about you? How did you meet all of them?

To Ryoga:
1. How many piercings do you have?

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Joined: Jun, 2010
Posted - 2010/06/14 :  16:24:22  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: *[J]oiiZ [D]ragoN*
Country: Thailand

Hi ~ ViViD !!! I'm a fan from Thailand and we have waiting to see you all in the future >w<

To ViViD:

1. Did you have receive the clothe with message from us ? because we waiting to see it on your ameblo for sure that you really got it.
2. Now, it's your anniversary. what's the difference of your feeling since the day you have debut until now ?
3. Which country that you want to go to open concert or live ?
4. If you were a woman what do you want to do ?
5. What's your real name ?

To Shin:

1. Why do you like to take a photo with your neck ? (and posted them to your ameblo)
2. I have heard that you like classic songs, Why ?

To Reno:

1. Why don't you want to be a leader in spite of you are the oldest in your band ?
2. Why do you like to take a photo with your thigh ? (and posted them to your ameblo)

To Ryoga:

1. What's the inspiration makes you want to be a musician ?
2. Why do you so thin like this ?

To Iv:

1. Why do you like Mameshiba so much ?
2. Why do you want to be a musician so young right now ?
3. Do you have an items of Mameshiba ?
4. What's your favourite flower ?
5. What's your favourite color ?

To Ko-ki

1. Do you know that you look like Stitch ? (hahaha !!!)
2. Why do you want to be a musician so young right now ?
3. How can you designed the beautiful Goods ? because I like them so much !!!

Thanks for answer my questions and hope ViViD will go around the world

We love you ~ ViViD ... please come to Thailand !!!

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United States
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Posted - 2010/06/15 :  01:05:51  Show profile  Send a private message  Send KaruTa an instant message
Name: Jasmine
Country: United States of America (:

To ViViD:
1. Everyone agreed in the comment for VRock Festival '09 that they had great ambitions for fans world-wide to listen to ViViD's music. Can we expect a world tour sometime soon?
2. What qualities do you all seek for in an ideal girlfriend?
3. What inspired you to become a musician?

To Shin:
What is a memorable experience you've had with your fans?

You're very talented at guitar, but, when not playing it, what is your hobby?

You seem very in-shape, haha. Do you work out?

To Iv:
On musicjapan's biography page, your part is listed as the "hot-blooded bass." Hot-blooded(laugh)? Please explain.

To Ko-ki:
You have a very cute smile? (: What's something that can always make you smile?

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United States
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Joined: Jun, 2010
Posted - 2010/06/15 :  03:43:49  Show profile  Send a private message


1. Are you guys planning to come to the U.S. someday?

2. Other than ViViD, what is a artist/group that you admire?

3. What were you like as a child?

4. During a live, what do you think about?

5. I just want to say that I loved ViViD's music the first time I heard it. Keep up the good work <3 !!

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Posted - 2010/06/15 :  11:59:31  Show profile  Send a private message
Country: Philippines
Name: Mai-Mai

To ViViD

1. As a band, what does "dreaming" means?
2. Since all of you are Japanese, can each of you guys recommend your favorite dish there in Japan?
3.Does being a musician a hard job?
4. As a group, do you also have some arguments and misunderstandings during practice,rehearsals or even in recording?
5. How does it feel, knowing that you've got so many fans not only in Japan but also in the other corners of the world?
6. If ViViD would be like a human body and each members should have to choose a specific part of the body, who will choose which?
7. If you guys can compare your band to a thing, object or anything here in the world, what would it be?
8. Could each of you please express yourself in one word?
9. After being a part of the PS Company, can you describe your feeling in 3 words?


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Posted - 2010/06/15 :  12:04:57  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit ???'s homepage

















1.イヴさんがめっちゃかっこゆ~あのう、イヴさんはKo-kiさんのことが好きですか?どれくらい好きですか??(ふふふ 笑




1.お姉系とロリターは どちらがお好みですか?

2.ドラムについての問題なんですが これからどんなチャレンジしたいの?


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Posted - 2010/06/15 :  15:02:18  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Merlin
Country: Beijing,China

To Shin:
What would you like to expect from the listeners'comprehension of the lyrics reflecting your exclusive outlook on the world?
I appreciate your stunning voice a lot.Is ther any effective approach for you to keeping voice in good condition?

To Reno:
Is there anyone (celebrity or ordinary people)who's always been existing as a spiritual prop for you ,stimulating all your inspirations?
Are your used to some routine when composing?

To Ryoga:
I love your name a lot.><.
Do you often enjoy travelling as a kind of relaxation in leisure time?Except the places you've ever been to,where else would you like to travel or temporarily live in the rest of life?

To Ko-ki:
In view of the experience where you were dressed up like a girl in a former band,would you please tell us about your feelings at that period of time?
If blessed with a chance to choose,would you be a boy or a girl?

To IV:
Are you the kind of guy who'got the keen concern on your beloved girl,never even turing an eye to other girls around you?(If there were actually such a beloved one)
And how much does each component making up youe life respectively account for?(proportion)

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Posted - 2010/06/15 :  21:47:58  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Claudia
Country: Portugal

To ViViD:

1. Do you like reading manga? If yes which are your favorites?
2. Do you watch J-Drama?
3. Which groups have influenced you?

To Shin:

1. What do kind of classical music do you like?
2. What's your favorite Kamen Rider?
3. What is your favorite song?
4. What is your favorite food?
5. Would you date an anime otaku/cosplayer girl?

To Ko-Ki:

1. Who is your favorite drummer?

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Posted - 2010/06/15 :  23:46:17  Show profile  Send a private message
Name : Ria
Country : Indonesia

To ViViD :
1. Is there any other bandmates stuff that you want to stole from and why?
2. If you could choose between watch a movie in a theater or watch a sport game in a stadium, which do you prefer? And what movie/sport game that you'd like to see?

To Reno :
1. Reno-kun, my name is Ria and i really adore YOU!!! If i were your bandmate, could you please suggest me a stage name that you think would suit me perfectly? A COOL one please!!
2. If the other member are all girls, whom do you like to go out with and why?
3. How do you growth to 180 cm?
4. I heard you doesn't really like sweets. If i give you a bunch of sweets and chocolates, what are you gonna do with those?

1. You are SO CUTE!! I can't help it, i was thought you're a girl the first time i saw ViViD. But if you REALLY a girl, do you think you could be a member in a girl-group? What girl-group you'd like to be a part of? Sorry if my question is random..

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Posted - 2010/06/16 :  01:51:26  Show profile  Send a private message
Moved post:
Originally posted by ssgbo-ri:
Hi~ ViViD(^-^)
I'm Thailand fanclub. I love ViViD very very! mych!!!(Do you love me -*-)lol

I have want to tell and ask you.

Reno : (How are you do? your leg BIG)
1.You love SHIN? (tell me please.I want know~)

Shin : 1.You love IV? (really!)

IV : 1.You love Ko-Ki?

Ko-Ki : 1.You love RYOGA?

Ryoga : 1.You love RENO? And...

ViViD : How are you think ? with a pair of you.

Please, Tell me~ Thank you so much.
Come to Thailand. I wait for you \^o^/

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United States
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Posted - 2010/06/16 :  08:51:36  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Brin
from: USA

To ViViD...

1) ViViD is still kinda new but your fans in America are growing rappidly. Is there a pasablity we can see you California any time soon?

2) Can each member tell us what they think their best personality trait is?

3) What about your worst?

4) Totally random question but i'm curious. I'd like to know what swear word each band member uses the most. ^.^'

To Ryoga
In the photo's of you you come off looking like a sexy preditor, but in comments you come off quite shy. may i ask which is you're true personality, or is there something you're hiding? ^.^

To Reno
If you had to drink only 1 alchoholic beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?

To Ko-Ki
Ko-Ki, i must confess that every time i saw you behind the drums with your pink hair it always reminded me of the Muppet "Animal" which made me wonder "If you had the choice to be any animal, what would it be?"

Your hair is ALWAYS AMAZING! Can you please tell us what inspires your groovie hair creations? ^.^

To Shin
Shin, when i was having a really hard time in my life your voice and message saved me. So few artists can make me feel like life is worth living again. Which makes me curious to know what you think/feel is your purpose in life.

The Brave my not live long, but The Cautious hardly live at all.

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Posted - 2010/06/16 :  13:05:50  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit narunatsu's homepage
Country: Balikpapan, Indonesia

To ViViD:
1. Which one of the group is the most adorable for you guys?
2. Can\Will ViViD have a movie just like alicenine? (NUMBER SIX)
3. Which is ViViD's best Song??
4. In the future What do ViViD's members want to be??
5. Does any of the members have any twitter / facebook / myspace account?

To Shin:
1. How old are you? :D
2. You were with Tsukasa(ex-bis) aren't you? How did it go?
3. Do you have any twitter / facebook / myspace account?
4. I'm a fan from Indonesia but I'm Chinese, How do you feel about it?
5. Can I really talk to you? How?
6. How is your ideal girl?

To Reno:
1. How do you like Guitar at the first time?
2. Will you add more Lip Piercings?
3. Do you have any twitter / facebook / myspace account?

To Ko-ki:
1. Where did your pink hair gone??
2. Are you the mother-type in the band? (I guess not hahaha)
3. What do you think of Shin?

To Iv:
1. Do you really have big biceps? Why? >,<
2. What do you think of Reno?
3. Do you have any twitter / facebook / myspace account?

To Ryouga:
1. Do you have any twitter / facebook / myspace account?
2. How can I get stomach like yours? XD
3. Can you get some lip piercings?

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