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 MJP: "Matenrou Opera TV" Questions & Messages
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Author Thread  

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 Posted - 2010/11/16 :  06:26:04  Show profile Send a private message
MJP TV Presents “Matenrou Opera TV”!

Questions and Messages for the Band Members
-The band's Major Debut is right ahead! Is there something you would like to ask?
MJP is looking for your messages to the band members!!

Applicable Questions:
- Questions about the Major Debut
- Questions without categorization

On the Program:
- Program Name: MJP TV Presents「Matenrou Opera TV」
- Airing Time: 2010/12/17 (Friday) From 21:00h (Japanese Standard Time)
- Airing Place: MJP (musicJAPANplus) Top page

Text: Name or Nickname, question and/or message to the band members.
Application period: 11/15 to 12/17

* On the day of the airing your can also participate via Twitter!
Make sure to participate through twitter on the day of the airing. Use the #tag "#OperaTV" and tweet @musicJAPANplus.
As the messages will be used directly on the program, we hope lots of you will be participating in this time again!!

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Posted - 2010/11/16 :  07:38:45  Show profile  Send a private message
No one's posting yet? Hmm...

Name: Saki
Country: Singapore

Questions for the band:
1) How do you feel about your major debut?
2) What are your hopes for the future?
3) What do you think will change and won't change after your major debut?
4) What do you think you'll be doing ten years later?
5) How do you handle fan mails in English/any language you don't understand?
6) Which major band do you hope to become?
7) What do you wear to sleep?
8) Ideal girl: with or without multiple piercings/tattoos?
9) Do you believe in long-distance relationships?

Congratulations! Hopefully with your major debut, us fans will be able to find your music all around the world. WORLD DOMINATION (or something similar ^^")! All the best for the future, we will always love and support you!

Matenrou Opera TV <3!

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Posted - 2010/11/16 :  09:41:29  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Shinta's homepage
名前: シンタ
国: インドネシア

Thanks musicJAPANplus for having Matenrou Opera TV.
Congratulations Matenrou Opera on going major! Good luck with your next step!

1. When you first knew that you would go major, what was the first thing crossed in your mind that time?
2. When you first knew that you would go major, who was/were the first person you shared this news to?
3. Is there any certain goals you would want to achieve after going major?

Good luck Matenrou Opera on going major and the major debut album, good luck musicJAPANplus for the episode!!!

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Posted - 2010/11/16 :  20:59:48  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Kechiki
Country: Sweden

Questions for the band:
1) In what direction do you wish to go with Matenrou Opera? Do you want more metal to be influenced or something calmer?
2) Does the vocalist Sono possibly have relatives from Europe?
3) What did you guys think about Sweden when you visited us?
4) Could you ever imagine living in cold Sweden!?
5) Why's beer so delicious?
6) What do you do on your spare time? ( Except drinking! )
7) Will the rest of the band members get a twitter account?

I'm super happy for you guys! I've supported Matenrou Opera since you guys started with the band, and with the Matenrou Opera Swedish street team, and its been like watching my babies grow up! Congratulations, and I hope you visit us in Sweden again! We miss you guys! Come drink beer with us in cold HEAVY METAL Sweden! Arai!

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United Kingdom
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Posted - 2010/11/16 :  22:09:31  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Suzette :)
From: England

1.) Would you be interested in doing another European tour?
2.) If so, would you go to London and perform for us?
3.) How did you all meet each other?
4.) Who is/are your main influence(s)?
5.) How long have all of you been playing your instruments (and for Sono-san, How long have you been singing?)
6.) What is your favourite word?
7.) From all the songs you have created, which one do you like best and why?

Well done with going major! I'm super happy for you guys!!!! I will continue to support you from all the way in England! Hopefully you'll decide to visit London one day and perform for us! I love your music and it seems like all your hard work is finally paying off!! I wish you all the best! You have my full support!!!

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Posted - 2010/11/17 :  01:10:33  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Keiko
Country: Brazil

1)Which song do you think that warms up the audience the most?
2)Who are your fashion inspirations?
3)What are your thoughts on Brazil or South America in general?
4)Would you ever date a foreigner?
5)When do you expect to make a World Tour?
6)Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?
7)How do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Dear, Matenrou Opera, congratulations for everything you achieved until now and what you're still to achieve. You've grown up a lot since I first listened to your music and I'm definitely proud of you guys! Congratulations for your major debut, and I just can't wait to see you in #OperaTV!

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Posted - 2010/11/18 :  14:11:39  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Danieli
Country: Brazil

1)Think of doing tour in South America? In Brazil it has many fans
2)Did you expect to have fans around the world?
3)Who wrote or who was inspired to write the song "Dulce"?

In Brazil have many fans, congrats for your debut! And don't forgot your fans around the wolrd!

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Ayame =3
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Posted - 2010/11/18 :  14:44:58  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Aya
Country: Singapore

1)What are your favourite bands?
2)Do you look at fanmails which are not in Japanese?
3)What made you come to the Visual Rock scene?
4)Would you ever come to Singapore?
5)What's being Major to you?
6)What are your hobbies?
7)Would you be considering doing a world tour soon?
8)Where do you get your haircuts?

Congratulations on being Major!Love you guys~ Work hard!Hope you guys visit Singapore soon!

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Posted - 2010/11/18 :  22:44:36  Show profile  Send a private message  Send schala a Yahoo! message
Ohhh the next is Matenrou Opera TV!!

名前。Name: Schala
国。Country: インドネシア。Indonesia

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Matenrou Opera for being major and for the major album Abyss next December! =)

For all members, I would like to ask:
1. Is there anything different you would change about your music after being major later?
2. What is the concept of this major album, Abyss?

As always, thank you very much for musicJAPANplus for the program!!

[whatever you do, do it your best!!!]

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Edited by - schala on 2010/11/18 22:45:49
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Posted - 2010/11/19 :  02:00:02  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Akiry's homepage
Name: Akihiko
From: Venezuela

1-How born your musical style?
2-Who is the sweetest member?
3-Who is the sexiest member?
4-any of you can speak another language?
5-The band has grown, some memory in specific?
6-How about a world tour to celebrate his Major debut?
7-Any of you visited the Foreign? Who and where?
8-Anyone have Friends from other bands? who are they?
9-What about South America? Venezuela is a great place
10- How is the relationship that bears each with their parents? What is the opinion of them from the band?

They have many fans in south america! please think about the world tour! Congratulations on being Major! Best wishes from Venezuela and hope that many new opportunities open up for you!

I was haunted by you please love all of me u can´t understand my thoght and jealousy~

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Edited by - Akiry on 2010/11/19 02:02:59
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United States
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Posted - 2010/11/19 :  04:34:29  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Cierra
Coutnry: USA

1)Did you have jobs other than musician?
2)Out of all the places you have visited, which is your favorite?
3)If you could go back in time to change one thing, would you? And why?

Congrats on your success! I wish you the best in all that you do, and just know that you will wow the world with your music. :)

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Posted - 2010/11/19 :  12:16:03  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Donna
Country: Poland

1.How do you feel about becoming major band?
2.Who would you be if you wouldn't be a mucisian?
3.What is your favourite place to spend free time?

Congratulations for your major debut! I'm very proud of you guys! It's amazing to see your favourite band becoming bigger and bigger :)
Thank you for your absolutely wonderful music Matenrou! <3

PS. I think everybody waiting for Matenrou Opera's world tour ;D

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Posted - 2010/11/21 :  09:57:08  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: Fuushinshi

-congratulations for Matenrou Opera for making major debut. Hope you always succeed even more from now on. Wishing the best for you
-and happy birthday for Sono-san on December 18th

Questions for all members:
-What song do you like most in "Abyss"? Why?
-What inspires you when write/composing songs?
-What is the most important, happy, and annoyed thing(s) when you write/composing songs?
-What is the most memorable thing happened to you with Matenrou Opera?
-What is 'dream' means to you?
-What do you think about overseas fans?
-Do you think music and songs have 'power' that can move people's heart? Why?

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Posted - 2010/11/22 :  02:54:19  Show profile  Send a private message  Visit Rou's homepage
Name: Rou
Country: Argentina.

1)- Why did you choose "ABBYS" for your major's debut album?
2)- Do you have planned change the sound of Matenrou Opera's songs?
3)- Are you nervous about your major debut?
4)- What are the important things you think a band need to have for be major?

5)- Do you have planned open a World Fan's Club?
6)- What superpower do you want to have?
7)- If you have to describe your personality in one word... What word will you choose?
8)- Ayame: Do you want marry me? ♥__♥


We support you guys a lot here in Argentina. Hope you make a world tour soon, and wish you open a world fan's club!! Good luck being major! You really deserve it! WORLD DOMINATION is close!! Thanks MJP!

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Posted - 2010/11/22 :  06:11:57  Show profile  Send a private message
Name: dAnNa
Country: Mexico

おめでとう!!!! for making major debut.!!!! =^.^=
たんじょうび おめえとう for Sono-san on December 18th!!!
They have many fans in Mexico n.n

1)they Like spicy food?
2)they have planned open a World Fan's Club?
3)they read at fanmails when are write in spanish?
4)which languages are spoken?

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Posted - 2010/11/23 :  10:52:02  Show profile  Send a private message  Send Viki an ICQ message
Name: Viki
Country: Russia

-You would like to visit Russia?
-Do you look at fanmails which are not in Japanese?
-Who influence on you and your creativity

The Russian fans very much love you and wish creative successes

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