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musicJAPANplus.jp Terms of Use

1. The Terms of Use
1.1 All the users of the website "musicJAPANplus.jp" operated by Cool Japan are subject to the Terms. "cool Japan" means cool Japan inc..
1.2 The content of the Terms can be changed at any time, as it is impossible to inform you directly, it’s important for you to read the latest Terms of Use published on the"musicJAPANplus.jp" website.
1.3 When warnings (referred to as Warnings below) updated on the website exist, Cool Japan will accept the Warnings as a part of the Terms.
1.4 Cool Japan will treat your use of the website as acceptance to the Terms.

2 Operational Environment
It’s recommended to use the browsers below in accordance to the OS of your computer when utilizing the website. However, Cool Japan doesn’t make any guarantee of the complete operation of "musicJAPANplus.jp". For reasons of the operational environment on the user side, some of the services provided by the website may not be available.
(1) OS:Windows
-Chrome 10,11,12
-Internet Explorer 8,9
-Mozilla Firefox 3,4,5,6,7
-Safari 5
(2) OS:Macintosh
-Safari 5

3 The Prohibited Actions of Users
3.1 The activities below are prohibited at your use of the website "musicJAPANplus.jp".
(1) sending or distributing false information to other users
(2) making use of the website "musicJAPANplus.jp" in any other ways that are not admitted by Cool Japan
(3) using the "musicJAPANplus.jp" for any commercial intention
(4) changing the website "musicJAPANplus.jp" without authorization
(5) sending or distributing any harmful computer programs, sending spam mails, chain letters, or junk mails
(6) infringing the right of brands, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights of Cool Japan or the third party, and any behavior that will probably hurt those rights
(7) slandering or defaming Cool Japan or the third party, infringing the fame or privacy, and any behavior that will probably do that
(8) releasing information, documents or figures that violate the social customs
(9) intentionally registering false information like name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address for yourself or others
(10) any behavior that harasses Cool Japan or the third party
(11) other behavior that violates law or intends to
3.2 When a user commits any behavior mentioned above or troubles the operation of the website, Cool Japan will have to take any necessary actions such as banning access to the website and demanding satisfaction for injury (measures to the law also included), only specifically for that user.
3.3 In the case mentioned in 3.1 that improper behavior has hurt the rights of Cool
Japan or the third party, the user must compensate for the injury as his/her responsibility and capability.

4 Exclusion from Responsibility for Cool Japan
4.1 Cool Japan is doing best to deliver credible services and information to all the users.
However, in the cases below, Cool Japan doesn’t make any assurance of the credibility of the services or information. It is the users own responsibility to judge the credibility of the website "musicJAPANplus.jp" and all the services and information provided on the website.
(1) the usability, compatibility, completeness, accuracy, security, legality, newness of all the information provided on the website (including all the information shown on the website, and related in the linking sites charged by the third party, the same below)
(2) all about the contract made between the user and the third party connected by the information provided on the website。
(3) the website will satisfy the need of users
(4) the website’s provision will not cause inaccuracy or error
(5) the commodities, services, information acquired from the website are to meet the need of users
(6) the users of this website will not infringe the rights of the third party by sending messages or remarking statements
(7) the e-mails and web contents being sent related to the website of "musicJAPANplus.jp" do not contain harmful parts like computer viruses 4.2 When using the website or accepting the information provided by Cool Japan, Cool Japan will not take responsibility for all the injuries (mental anguish, or other damage like economic loss)
4.3 In cases below, Cool Japan will take no responsibility.
(1) the injury happening to users caused by downloading third party content, or accessing the linking sites charged by the third party
(2) the damage caused by any unfair behavior ignoring the security practice of Cool Japan like changing the site without authorization, illegally accessing the data of the website, mixing in computer viruses
4.4 In the case that Cool Japan may take compensation, if not the intentional or intensive mistake of Cool Japan, the responsibility of Cool Japan is to be limited in dealing with direct and normal damages.

5. The Temporary Suspension of "musicJAPANplus.jp"
5.1 In the cases below, Cool Japan may stop access to the website temporarily without informing users.
(1) conserving or changing the style of the website
(2) natural disasters, incidents or other emergent events happening or likely to happen, hard or impossible for Cool Japan to continue operating the website
(3) any situation in which it is necessary for Cool Japan to stop the website temporarily 5.2 In the cases of 5.1, if any loss is caused because of the temporary suspension of the website, Cool Japan will not take any responsibility.

6. Use of Personal Information
In order to increase the convenience of using the website, Cool Japan will record the access log (referred as "personal information" below) for statistic data. Cool Japan will not release personal information to a third party unless legally accepted by the user. If the delivery of personal information is rejected, it may be difficult sometimes to gain access to the website.

7. Privacy Policy
Cool Japan highly respects the privacy of its users, and treats the personal information collected strictly. On the management and operation of the website, the "music JAPAN Plus.jp site privacy policy" explains how the personal information kept by Cool Japan is treated.

8. The Track Back for Contribution and Article Uploaded to the Website
8.1 For comments or reviews (referred as "comment" below) given by contributors, and the trackback made to the articles released on the website, Cool Japan will do the following arrangements for free without the consent of the users. (1) checking the content
(2) deciding whether to publish the contribution and article
(3) correcting and publishing on the website。
(4) doing operations in (1)(2)(3) to the information on the website
(5) besides the website, doing operations mentioned above in the media appointed by Cool Japan
8.2 The copyright of comments (the rights in the 27th, 28th clause of the copyright law are included) belong to Cool Japan. And it is treated as your agreement that you won’t use the personal rights of the author or argue about the change made to your comment and whether your comment is accepted or not.
8.3 It will be treated as either you will not make a comment including the cases below or you will not get the trackback.
(1) works that will probably infringe the copyright, the fame, or the rights of the third party
(2) works that get involved with other’s personal information and privacy
(3) works that will probably violate the laws or social customs
(4) works that probably conflict with the theme and aim of the website
(5) works that are probably created with commercial intentions like advertisement
(6) works that go against the realities or convert the facts
(7) works that list symbols and words simply without any meaningful expression
(8) other works that are judged by Cool Japan as containing improper content for the website

9. The Banned Right and Obligation Transfer
Unless admitted by Cool Japan in advance, the rights and obligations based on the relationship between user and the website cannot be transferred or used for guarantee to a third party existence.

10. Legal Terms and Managements
The Terms is made according to Japanese law. For any argument about the Terms or the website, Tokyo local court has the predominance to be the first judge management. The above statements explain the Terms of using the website "musicJAPANplus.jp".

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